Scholarship Winner Leonard Yoon: In His Own Words

Scholarship Winner Leonard Yoon: In His Own Words

Thank you so much for the Coastal Communities Concert Band Foundation’s Award. I am very honored to not only have been able to play in the CCCB Honor Band this year but also to have been chosen as a top student performer in this year’s Honor Band Auditions.

Through playing with the CCCB and meeting people in the band such as yourself, I have been encouraged to continue playing clarinet for the rest of my life and join a community band like CCCB in the future. Although I will be far away in Massachusetts for college, CCCB will always have a special place in my heart and I hope to come back to San Diego after graduation to share more memories with the band.

To answer your question, I plan on using my award to purchase new reeds for my clarinet, record my clarinet solos with my accompanist at a professional studio for college orchestra auditions, and buy a piece of band literature for the Canyon Crest Academy Wind Ensemble as a parting gift. Any extra money can help me begin to pay off private lessons that I may take at Amherst College.

Thanks again for the award and hope to see you again later!

Sincerely, Leonard Yoon